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Aside from being a leadership trainer, I enjoyed sharing my expertise while serving as a weekly co-host on The Scott Murray Radio Show in Dallas/Fort Worth.   The opportunity afforded me a chance to voice my perspectives over the airways.  In a recent interview with Scott, I shared my thoughts on human development and my true passion to create positive change.

Where did your desire to pursue human development come from?
I have always been a humanitarian even as a little girl.  But professionally, it really began back in my college days, while I was studying at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles while pursuing a career in performing arts.  I had the opportunity to work for a large casting company as an entertainment industry spokesperson, and quickly got hooked on motivating people and empowering others to acquire a positive mental attitude.  I have made it the foundation of everything I do. I have been dedicated to this calling for over 25 years, I cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing.

What are people looking for when they come to hear you speak?

I would hope they are there to make a change to improve themselves or their situation in some way. Normally, an audience brings together diversity with an individual purpose of why they have shown up.  I have spent years training in the corporate classroom, have spoken alongside NY Times Bestselling Authors, and addressed thousands of people at educational and corporate conferences.  It’s those individuals that have an open mind and a desire to change that seem to be most receptive to the messages I share.

What personally sets you apart and makes you unique as a presenter?
I have an unique ability to extract hidden potential within people by seeing them for who they are, not what they are.  I gently hold the mirror up for others so that they can see a different version of themselves, a more positive, productive version.  They definitely learn the true meaning and importance of personal accountability. In my training, I facilitate thought-provoking dialogue that causes people to pause and really dig deep for the answers.  I apply a specific blend of life skills, leadership principles and a natural gift to communicate in a relatable, non-threatening way which makes for an engaging adult-learning environment.

What 5 words best describe your message?
Hmmmmm. The 5 words that come to mind would likely be from my Stages of Transformation Program:  Realize (change), Release (what no longer serves you), Rebound (allow time to recalibrate and heal), Reinvent (by changing behaviors),  Resurrect (to the highest version of yourself) and Respond (to help others do the same).  I always remind my classes, I am here to bring you two gifts…perspective and permission.....a fresh perspective and permission to change.  Often times that's all people need to hear to put change into motion.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Probably being selected to be a Chicago Bulls Cheerleader. We were known as the “Luvabulls”.  Not only was it a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I had the best seat in the house for 2 years  during the exciting Michael Jordan era.  I watched first hand how the leadership skills of this Hall of Fame performer influenced his teammates and how a forming team collectively transformed into champions.    

At the end of the day, what are you proudest of or what do you cherish most about your role as a leadership trainer?

Well, I believe as a human development trainer you have to walk the talk.  A leader is a leader wherever they are, not just at work. I believe great leaders make choices that reflect their highest vision of themselves.  So, I consciously make that a practice of mine in all that I do. Obviously, it's a learned behavior that requires a consistent focus, yet, the rewards in your life are priceless.  As for what I cherish most, it would be bringing leadership messages to others and, the importance of using their power and influence for the good of all.  My role as a mom is the most important leadership role I play as an individual.  I believe our leadership role at home is vital to our responsibility in raising the next generation of leaders to become educated, respectful, compassionate and mindful human beings.

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